We at IOS have achieved community milestone performance and huge community-based interventions around the COVID19 pandemic, Meat processing essential workers' rights during their struggle with COVID19 pandemic, black lives matter movement, NE hailstorm advocacy, and widespread policy influencing activism, etc.

These are some of the milestone achievements;

  1. We advocated for marginalized and racially discriminated meat processing essential workers' rights during their struggle with the COVID19 pandemic. We actively advocated for the rights and benefits of Cargill and JBS Meat Processing Plant Employees who were impacted by COVID-19.  We worked with their union/UFCW and Alberta Labor Federation for the advocacy of their rights

  2. Through the Immigrant Outreach Society, we have organized volunteers and supported more than 500 families who have received culturally appropriate groceries delivered at their houses.

  3. By mobilizing the community professionals, we helped more than 100 individuals and helped them receive Alberta Emergency Fund, CERB, and WCB applications.

  4. By mobilizing professional psychologists Drs, RN, Social worker, we supported those who struggled with anxiety and depression with crisis counselling, individual counselling, psychoeducation sessions on stress management and self-care.

  5. We helped train community-serving community professionals on how to support their clients manage stress during the pandemic.

  6. By mobilizing the community volunteers, we supported more than 1000 COVID-19 positive people to receive free fresh Ethiopian cuisine from a local restaurant.

  7. We facilitated several psychoeducational sessions, parenting tips, and emotional support via social media, zoom meeting for 25 single moms.

  8. We supported those who fled domestic violence and helped them access local community services, residential support, household furniture, and culturally sensitive psychological support.

  9. We mobilized, participated in rallies for the BLM movement & advocated for Black equity, and created awareness for them to be treated in a dignified way.

  10. Recently we mobilized the community and created an initiative called  “Spread the Christmas spirit  “ and helped 54 children who have lost a parent in the last year to still celebrate Christmas.

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