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Immigrant Outreach Society is a black led non-for-profit organization that provides evidence based, language specific and culturally appropriate mental health and psychosocial intervention for ethnic minorities from East Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan, and Somalia).

IOS provides crisis interventions through community outreach, life skills programs, training and workshops aimed at mental health specialised culturally specific intervention, individual counselling, group counselling, family counselling, addictions counselling, assertive community outreach interventions, community empowerment programs, peer support programs, youth programs, family programs and psychosocial wellbeing supports.

IOS promotes racial equity, inclusion, and cultural awareness in public policies, and systems. We deliver anti-racism programs and services that are tailored at empowering ethnic minorities to mitigate biased structural and systemic barriers, race relations and racial injustice.

Our trauma-informed programs and services are tailored, understanding the pre-migration and post migration trauma exposure of ethnic minorities from East Africa.


Our mission is to support black East African youth, immigrants, ethnic minorities, and refuges by providing multiculturally sensitive and language appropriate psychosocial and mental health programs as well as anti-racism programming and initiatives


Our vision is creating a vibrant community that addresses the issue of racism and immigrant mental health access.


  • The Executive Director won Black Community Achievement Awards 2021 by Calgary Black Chambers in Feb 2021.
  • The Executive Director won Annual Greater Forest Lawn 2020 Leadership Recognition Award by Greater Forest Lawn Community Association and the City of Calgary in Jan 2021.
  • The Executive Director of Immigrant Outreach Society was named to be invaluable Community Connector by Sprawl Calgary in Dec 2020.
  • The Executive Director of the Immigrant Outreach Society is nominated to be one of the Calgary Police Services Antiracism Committee.

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